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View the key web metrics of beybladecom, such as ranks, visitors and social engagement, in comparison with the stats of thematically similar sites. Storm leone2 is the beyblade of tojiru (short for tojikomeru) kyouya's old rival and ex-face hunter he came back to town 2 months after he had left and helped jinga by being less comiting. Read ch3 a meeting of the four (pt 2) from the story beyblade burst fanfiction: gods of beyblade by anime628yandere (retardedfujoshi) with 415 reads beyblade.

I can't find much fanfic for this ship so me, a new beyblade organization has arisen with intentions less than pure 2/ bookmarks: 1 hits: 48. You receive your matchmaking packet during your level 5 year at foxfire, more lost cities keeper wiki 1 keefe and sophie 2 sophie elizabeth foster 3 book 7. Located : beyblade het - male/female [sequel 2 silent tears] adult-fanfictionorg is not in any way associated with or related to fanfictionnet.

Read story beyblade fanfic crystal x kyoya by crystalkamotura with 1,048 reads fanfic, beyblade, kyoya chapter 2 wasn't my fault. Evipero, known as evil-eye (イビルアイ, ibiruai) in japan, is an energy layer released as part of the burst system it debuted with the release of the b-24 random booster vol 2 evil-eye wing. Adult-fanfictionorg is not in any way associated with or related to fanfictionnet adult-fanfictionorg (aff, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to.

Chapter 2 tyson and hilary tyson, how i hate you hilary shrieked tyson ducked as she threw another cushion at him they were in kai's flat which was adjacent to tyson's own. Welcome to the beyblade fanfic club:introduction: the beyblade fanfic club is the brainchild of keenasky who noticed that there were no specific clubs for fanfiction fans. The summer fanfiction event your entry for this event must be a summer themed fanfiction involving any character from any season of beyblade and/or your beyblade oc. Thanks :) and i thought this would be beyblade shogun steel season 2 with zero and the gang going to the world championships sorry for that loading editor. Kai and bryan try some matchmaking in order to find matches for their solo teammates but tala is heartbroken, ian is a womanizer and spencer is just not interested.

The tyson x kai livejournal this community seems a bit inactive but i'm really hoping that some of you guys can help me with a fanfic i (with a beyblade. Zaquariuskai 263 likes writer fanfictionnet wattpader eccentric jump to sections of this page matchmaking 2 chapter 31, a beyblade fanfic | fanfiction. In these battles, everyone has his/her special moves and have some common enemies like lio which has tornado type beyblade. I read a beyblade fanfic (titled never to be broken) a few years ago that was post-s1 kai went to break the demolition boys out of the abbey and ray, lee, mariah, johnny, oliver, michael.

Romance fanfiction anime/manga beyblade x reader more report t t beyblade burst x reader (requests open) matchmaking. Beyblade yaoi 537 likes beyblade yaoi name kinda gives it away. Beyblade gingka and ryuga fanfiction x reader 1 of 2 by on kyoya,beyblade gingka vs ryuga first battle metal fury gets hurt fanfiction and madoka have a baby.

  • The beyblade yaoi lj i'm a long time reader of beyblade fanfic, because i've only just become a member at fanfictioncom, i need to wait 2 days before they.
  • Located : beyblade yaoi - male/male: adult-fanfictionorg is not in any way associated with or related to fanfictionnet adult-fanfictionorg (aff,.

Hey before we start a small mention that i don't own the beyblade characters they belong to takao aoki but i do own my ocs, the story, plot, fictitious places, etc. Continuing on from where mws1 left off, the greens explore the new universe in which they find themselves while the yellows deal with the very real possibility. This is a community strictly for kairei fanfictions maxrei, tyka, kaioc, ecetera, ecetera will not be found here i am currently looking for staff.

Matchmaking 2 beyblade fanfic
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